Online Travel Magazine – Incredible Source For Travelers

A superior travel magazine will motivate you to travel across the world, with guidelines on domestic as well as foreign destinations, with some suggestion that where you will find the delicious food, best cultural events and enjoyable outdoor activities on various offer. You will find various magazines for travel purpose. These magazines include tourists attraction of various destinations, air-fare, sight scenes, accommodation facilities, shopping options etc.

An incredible resource for adventurous and dynamic travelers, filled with attractive images of extraordinary places. If you’re petite of ideas on where to take next trip, travel magazine will motivate you to travel at different destinations, with instructions on various destinations.

Travel magazine providing details about those places where you never visit. You will find travel tips that could save your valuable money wherever you go. Not only students are interested in these types of magazines, it appeals to the travelers of all age group and gives you right information about that place where you want to visit. Once you read few articles you will be tempted to pack your bags and want to spend holidays in that particular destination that is given in the magazine.

If travel magazine have certain advantages, it has some disadvantages also such as if we love to read only one section of the magazine then also we need to purchase magazine every month. It means the wastage of money as well as time.

Now, with the aid of Internet, you don’t need to purchase magazine every month. These online magazines are available all the time. There are many websites that offer free online travel magazine. You can access them any time and read all the necessary information about the travel destinations. They cover all the information like sight scene, tourists attraction, shopping, currency, modes of transports, accommodation, etc.

Octanmen is the popular online magazine that gives you right information about the destination where you want visit and consist of all the necessary details. They provide these magazines free of cost, so, you can access them anytime.

Leveraging Google For Adventure Travel and Eco-Tourism Providers

If you’re an adventure travel company offering niche trips and destinations, or providing sustainable eco-tourism offerings, you don’t need me to tell you you’re in a highly competitive, low margin market.

That’s why it’s critical that you make a real effort to focus on marketing your trips in addition to providing world-class tour offerings. But the majority of companies we see in the field are “mom and pop” operations with few full-time staff members, and owner/operators who would prefer to be in the field rather than managing a marketing effort.

How can you overcome this problem? Google to the rescue!

Google offers a wide variety of excellent tools that you can use for marketing intelligence as well as viral marketing. I’ll go through a few of the easiest to use, and hopefully help you to get a jump on your competition.

First, check out the simple and user friendly Google Alerts. Using Alerts, you can set up automated search agents that will email you with daily updates of any blog postings, website updates, news articles or videos containing keywords. The obvious choices are your company name, your competitors’ names, and your niche destinations or tour types. This will let you keep your finger on the pulse of the web as it relates to your business, and lets you keep tabs on your competition’s marketing efforts and successes. You might also find some great new venues to get your own messaging out, like new forums, blogs and web magazines covering your specialties.

Next, get your stuff up on YouTube. It’s not just for bad guitar players and kids falling off skateboards– you can post all kinds of great footage of your trips and tours, and by keywording judiciously in the descriptions and titles, find a whole new audience you might never have reached. Create a YouTube homepage with links to your website, information about your company, and create a community around your videos. Check in and keep any comments on your videos on-topic, and answer any questions that are raised.

Google Groups is another great place to see and be seen. You can start a Group around your company, your destinations, or your unique trip offerings. Or you can just join up with groups of like-minded hobbyists who also enjoy “extreeem beekeeping” (or whatever it is you’re into!) and become known as subject matter expert. Use links to your website within your signature, without being obnoxious about it, and you’ll increase your credibility while getting your name associated with some great keyworded content on a site that is well indexed by Google.

The Google Local Business Center is a cool tool to let you post information about your business in a yellow-pages type of format. You’d be surprised how much traffic these can get for you, and it’s just common sense– why wouldn’t you have a listing in this directory? It’s easy, fast and free. You can also create coupon offers for those who find you in the Local Business Center, so you can get a gauge on how well your web advertising is working by the number of coupons redeemed.

Finally, think about signing up for a Google Base account, and adding your trips to the Events data type. You can upload a simple text file you can create in Microsoft Excel or Notepad, and get all your trips indexed quickly. It also might help that using Google’s APIs, any partner sites or adventure travel aggregator can display your listings and redirect traffic to you.

These are just a few quick suggestions to help you make the most of Google’s powerful online marketing offerings. By leveraging the power of Google with your adventure travel website, you can watch your traffic (and business!) increase while you concentrate on what’s important to you– providing top notch travel and tourism opportunities for your customers.

Why Go It Alone on Your Next Adventure? 10 Ways an Adventure Travel Specialist Can Help

Today, with the overwhelming number of resources for adventure travel information (the Internet, television, newspapers, magazines, guidebooks, etc.), it’s no wonder consumers are confused when it comes to planning an Alaska vacation. For that reason the services of an Adventure Travel Specialist are more valuable than ever. The best service these specialists can provide is to learn their clients’ interests and lifestyles in order to match them up with the vacation that’s right for them.

Ten services provided by Adventure Travel Specialists.

1. Distilling the product information: Through a continuing process of familiarization, education, experience, and client feedback, a travel agent becomes an “Adventure Travel Specialist,” an expert in their field.

2. Investigating and supplying competitive information: A travel supplier isn’t going to recommend a consumer that a better option or a better price is available through a competing travel supplier.

3. Staying abreast of the most current and timely promotions: Via daily faxes, agent-only e-mail, and communication with key members of many travel suppliers’ staff, travel specialists are able to get the most current promotional information available.

4. Analyzing the current promotions:The least expensive is not always the best.

5. Clarifying the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions:The benefits of a travel professional’s experience can save a traveler money and unnecessary stress.

6. Making recommendations for travel-related options: Sharing the experience and knowledge they accumulate about a variety of travel topics – from where to eat, what to do, and what to pack.

7. Simplifying the research and save time: Like a personal shopper, travel specialists offer one-stop shopping for travelers who need airline arrangements, lodge stays, hotel rooms and tours – with recommendations that are in the best interest of the client, not the travel supplier.

8. Enhancing the trip with value-added benefits and amenities: Due to their special relationships and affiliations, adventure vacation specialists can often add to the client’s experience by obtaining room upgrades, group rates, rate reductions, and other value added services.

9. Using their clout to get the best possible in seemingly impossible situations: Whether its hotel rooms, cruise space, lodging availability, etc., the adventure destination specialist has more buying power than the consumer.

10. Getting problems resolved:The travel specialist serves as the client’s advocate in the event something inadvertently goes wrong, and will also offer travel insurance options including emergency medical evacuation.

Land or ship based soft adventure vacations range from rustic to deluxe. An Adventure Travel Specialists will understand just how seriously you take your travel planning. That’s why they are so valuable in helping you or your travel agent match you with the perfect blend of accommodations and services for your interests, activity level and budget. As your agent a travel specialist is there to share the latest information with you; which destination is best for fly-fishing or which is closest to wildlife viewing or glaciers. To start planning, simply call an Adventure Travel Specialists today.

Interview Preview: Bruce Poon Tip – Global Adventure Travel Entrepreneur with a Conscience

Yesterday I had a chance to meet Bruce Poon Tip, owner and CEO of G.A.P Adventures, one of Canada’s most successful travel entrepreneurs. You may wonder, what is he like? Bruce is the owner of Canada’s largest adventure travel company, an attractive man of about 37 years of age, dressed in casual attire and not afraid to speak off the cuff. Certainly a charismatic personality who was able to captivate last night’s capacity crowd at the G.A.P. concept store in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood.

In 1990 Bruce went on an organized backpacking trip to Thailand where he had a chance to explore the people and the country on $10.00 a day. This experience gave him the idea to create G.A.P Adventures, today Canada’s largest adventure travel company that now sells thousands of different trips and annually sends 40,000 passengers on their own small-group adventures. G.A.P has about 300 employees today, headquartered in Toronto, with operational offices in various countries of Latin America. It’s most recent endeavours are the G.A.P concept stores which have recently been opened in high-traffic areas in Toronto and Vancouver, places where travellers can research their adventure trip, get more information about their desired destination and book their once-in-a-lifetime experience supported by good advice with no sales pressure.

For his entrepreneurial savvy Bruce has won numerous awards, besides receiving an award as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, Bruce has been also been honoured as one of Canada’s top 5 entrepreneurs by Canadian Business as well as Canada’s 100 leaders of tomorrow. Profit Magazine named him in their 20th anniversary issue cover story as one of Canada’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the last 20 years. Bruce also received the Global Traders Leadership award from the government for his ground breaking ideas in exporting services.

Recently Bruce was asked by the World Bank and UNESCO to represent a team to visit the Peoples Republic Of China to lecture on Sustainable Development. In January of 2002 Bruce was the only Canadian operator invited to speak at the United Nations Launch of the Year Of Eco Tourism in New York. Bruce defied the odds once again last year by winning Canada’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as the National Citation for Entrepreneurship.

G.A.P’s additional awards include having two trips chosen among the TOP 25 Adventures in the World by National Geographic Adventure magazine, the Ethics in Action Award, the Global Traders Award and the Clean Air Commute Award for five straight years.

Although a consummate business man, Bruce Poon Tip has a conscience and he has founded his entire entreprise on the concept of sustainability and established travel practices that show consideration of natural surroundings and local cultures. By limiting the travel group size to 12 people, by taking local transportation and staying in small, locally owned hotels and guesthouses, G.A.P travellers are able to minimize their footprint in foreign communities and get maximum exposure to local culture.

Planeterra is a non-profit organization founded by G.A.P to give back. Today Planeterra raises funds for a number of community projects, international charities and an endowment fund to ensure long-term support of community development and conservation projects for years to come. Some of the community projects that G.A.P sponsors through donations include a community school in Ecuador, a foundation in Honduras to help women start their own businesses, an NGO in Costa Rica for environmental and wildlife conservation projects, a local battery recycling project in Chile, a drop-in center for street children in Cuczo, Peru, and many more. G.A.P Adventures itself also initiated a Women’s Weaving Project in Peru that taught local women ancient weaving techniques as well as natural fabric dye processes. Today all G.A.P travel groups visiting the Sacred Valley in Peru have a chance to see and purchase high quality textiles produced by these weavers, all sold at fair trade prices.

As another example of the innovativeness of his company, Bruce shared with us the story of how he went out to purchase the “Explorer”, the world’s first purpose-built expedition cruise ship. In March of 2004 Bruce went on an expedition cruise through the Antarctic and fell in love with the experience. He figured he need to buy his own expedition cruise ship and started looking for suitable vessels. In April of 2004 he found the “Explorer”, a historic expedition ship with a capacity of 112 passengers and a crew of 60 people. The ship had been docked in Genoa, Italy, for many months due to the financial problems of its owners. Just another 2 months later, but after many complications, G.A.P took possession of the ship. Only another 4 months later, after extensive restorations, the Explorer went on its inaugural journey and today offers expedition cruises to such unique places as Antarctica, the Amazon, Spitzbergen, and Greenland. (Incidentally, G.A.P. has agreed to sponsor our first Travel Story Contest and the grand prize winner of our contest will win an exciting adventure cruise on the Amazon in the Explorer – all thanks to G.A.P. Adventures.)

G.A.P’s innovative business ideas don’t end here. G.A.P also has a travel TV Show: Great Adventure People TV shows viewers the world – G.A.P Adventures style. The camera accompanies small groups of G.A.P Adventure travellers and follows them on unique G.A.P. adventure trips- cycling through the fascinating country of Vietnam, exploring exotic Morocco, and hiking, biking and rafting through captivating Spain and Italy. New episodes can be seen in Canada on CTV and will soon also be available in Great Britain on the UK Travel Channel.

G.A.P is a unique company, with a unique philosophy and a unique way of operating. I am looking forward to interviewing Bruce personally and to finding out how he is able to combine a successful high-growth adventure travel business with his dedication to social causes and sustainable travel. Stay tuned for some interesting insights into a brilliant entrepreneurial mind….